Whether you’re on a budget, you’ve collected things over the years, or you simply want to pull in different styles and ideas, we know that mixing and matching happens often, especially in the dining room! Go ahead and keep your current pieces while spicing things up by adding new colors and styles. 

The great part of buying with us at Ashley HomeStore is you can buy things in sets or individually, giving you plenty of freedom to choose. Try grabbing a dining table from one collection, chairs from another, and even a cute bench from a third. Mix it all together (tastefully of course) and you may be pleasantly surprised by the result. 

Break away from traditional thinking and styling when choosing the perfect mix and match items. Think about color, texture, and patterns in each room of your house. They don’t always need to match, but try to keep them cohesive and make sure they make sense together!

Mixing and matching your dining set is a great way to pull in tones and textures from other rooms, to help tie your dining room into your home seamlessly. For example, if you have blue accents or another blue piece in your home (such as a couch), try adding the Mestler dining room chairs (pictured below) to bring a pop of color into your dining room while tying everything together. 

No matter your style, we think your space should represent you and your ever-changing tastes and preferences!