Dear Ashley Okanagan Customer,

In response to recent events related to the outbreak of COVID-19 also known as coronavirus, we wanted to let you know what we are doing to protect our customers and staff. Cleanliness has always been a top priority, but we are taking extra precautions to help keep our communities safe.


Shopping our HomeStores

We strive to provide a clean and safe store for our customers every day.  With the given circumstances, we have developed additional sanitation protocols and are taking extra cleaning measures throughout the day to ensure your safety.  Common areas, door handles, counter-tops, computers, kiosks and other surfaces are being disinfected with increased frequency throughout the day.  Also, we have increased the restroom cleaning and disinfecting cycles.


Furniture Prep & Delivery

In our warehouses, we are applying the same store sanitation protocols with warehouse equipment that our team members use during the handling of your furniture. Our delivery personnel are putting on booties, sanitizing their hands, and applying latex gloves prior to entering your home in addition to following extra cleaning and disinfecting measures to the interior of all delivery trucks.

Finally, we are reminding and urging our associates to stay home if they are sick, wash their hands frequently, and use other measures to keep everyone safe.

If you find yourself self quarantined or are more comfortable shopping from home, we urge you to browse our online catalogue and social media for inspiration. We would love to hear from you, so contact us if you see something that you would like more information about.

Thank you for your continued support.

Marion Case, Owner

Ashley HomeStores Okanagan

Vernon, Kelowna, & Penticton BC